Moving Rooms

Can I change my room?

If there are available rooms across our sites then yes, we will do our best to help you find a space you're happy with. We can't guarantee the kind of room as it all depends on which sites are booked up. Sometimes your preferred room might be available straight away, but other times you may be waiting a few months.

En-sutie bedroom in Marsden House, desk space lines the left wall, with a bed underneath the window

How do I swap rooms?

  1. 01. Fill out a room transfer form

    If you are interested in moving rooms, please log into the Accommodation Portal and select Request to Move Rooms. Fill in the form telling us why you want to move. This includes agreeing to a £25 transfer fee, which will be added to your accommodation account.

  2. 02. Discuss potential options

    Once you have completed your request form a member of the accommodation team will contact you to discuss your move. You will be given a deadline to accept the room offered to you.

  3. 03. Decide whether to move

    If you have chosen to accept the room that has been offered to you, we will arrange a moving date, and ask you to accept a new licence agreement prior to moving. If you have chosen not to accept the room, you can choose to wait for a different room to become available or close the request to move.

  4. 04. Move to your new room

    Once you have accepted a contract for your new room, you can move in and start getting to know your new flatmates! However, we do recommend remembering to tell your old flatmates you're leaving, this can help them prepare for a new housemate and say their goodbyes. Once you have vacated your old room, an inspection will take place. Don't forget to complete a move in inspection of your new room. 

If there are available rooms across our sites then we will do our best to help you find a space you're happy with.

I'm having problems with my flatmates - does this mean I can move rooms?

Problems with flatmates are common and while we can help to try and find a new room for you, it's often possible to work through your problems with them. Try speaking to the Residence Life team first. They are very familiar with helping to work through disputes and problems within flats.

I know someone who's just moved out, can I take their room?

It depends. In most cases, you would still need to find someone else to move into your room first so that you can be released from your licence agreement and take responsibility for the new room.

If the student has left but is still in contract then you wouldn’t be able to move into the room.