Postgraduate and family applicants

Accommodation advice for postgraduates and students with families.

Leeds Beckett accommodation is open to all students at all levels of study so we're sure you'll find a space that's right for you. You're welcome to book any room across our sites and many postgraduate students like to live with other mature residents - let us know your preference when you apply.

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University accommodation for postgraduate students

There are a number of studio flats available at sites including Arena Village, Broadcasting Tower and Marsden House. Cooper House at Kirkstall Brewery has three two-bed postgraduate flats with kitchens and living spaces to relax in.

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Accommodation for families

Because university accommodation is generally aimed at first-year students moving away from home, most students with families prefer to live in private rented accommodation. For help finding the right house for you and your family we recommend contacting Unipol Student Homes. They can help you find good quality, affordable rented accommodation close to campus.

Get advice on private housing

If you're thinking of moving into a house then we recommend contacting Unipol Student Homes. Unipol is a student housing charity with over 17,000 listings which can give you the best advice on renting in Leeds. Look out for properties and landlords that follow the Unipol Code, meaning their houses and service should be up to a reliable standard. To book accommodation through Unipol visit their website.

Search our Accommodation

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