Post-Arrival Cancellations


In most cases, to be released from your agreement you would need to find another Leeds Beckett student, who does not currently hold a housing contract, to take over your licence. You would then only owe rent up to the date that the new tenant signs a contract.

It's important to remember your Licence Agreement is a legally binding commitment to pay rent to Leeds Beckett for the length of time you signed up for and our university would only consider releasing your licence in exceptional circumstances. This applies even if you are leaving your course.

If you are unhappy at your accommodation, it can feel like leaving is the only option. Our Residence Life team can help to look at your situation and see whether another option might work for you like moving rooms or trying to resolve the problems where you are.

What should I do if I'm thinking of leaving?

  1. 01. Speak to the Accommodation team

    Speak to the Accommodation team to let them know you'd like to leave and the reasons why. They will help you understand all your options, such as moving rooms or arranging support through our Residence Life team

  2. 02. Let us know you're leaving

    When you move out, complete the move out form and hand your keys in at the reception for safekeeping.  

  3. 03. Search for a new Leeds Beckett tenant

    Look for a new tenant who is a Leeds Beckett student and not currently in a contract. Students have found success posting their rooms on social media such as or the Unipol Leeds noticeboard. The Accommodation team will also offer your room to students who approach them directly.  

  4. 04. In exceptional circumstances, apply to be released from your licence

    Once you have completed your move out form, the Accommodation team will send you an acknowledgement email with a link to an application for rebate from licence agreement. If you think you may qualify please submit a completed form and any relevant evidence to

  5. 05. End of licence

    If you are released due to exceptional circumstances or you find a replacement tenant your contract will be ended early. Your room will be inspected and your £200 bond will be processed within 28 days of the end of your licence. 

Requesting to be released from your Licence for exceptional circumstances

If you feel you have exceptional circumstances, you should fill out an application for rebate from licence form and send this to the Accommodation team for a panel to make a decision. 

You'll also need to include some evidence in your application. You can see some guidelines for filling out the application for rebate form below.

What happens next?

  1. Once you submit an application for rebate you will receive a confirmation email. If you have not submitted any evidence then you may be asked to provide some. 
  2. Your application will be submitted to a panel meeting for consideration. Panel meetings are held each month and applications received by the end of the month will be heard at the next month’s panel meeting.
  3. Panel meetings typically take place during the second week of the month. Once your application has been heard the accommodation team aim to let you know the outcome, via email, within 10 working days of the panel meeting.