Parents and guardians

Everything you might want to know before sending your children off to university. 

While moving away from home is a big step in your son or daughter's life, learning to live independently is a journey. Here are some of the things that parents and guardians can do to help during the process.

The idea of managing their money for the first time can be daunting for a young adult.

Many of them put off thinking about it until halfway through the year. Your experience can really help to put them on the right track from the start. Start with checking the dates for rent payments.

In most cases, you'll be asked to be a guarantor for your son or daughter's rent if they get into trouble. At Leeds Beckett we also offer a professional and impartial advice service to students dealing with student funding issues or complex debt problems. Appointments can be made by calling the Student Hub on 0113 812 3000.

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Leeds Beckett halls are among the safest places in Leeds for your son or daughter to live.

With keycard locks on all rooms, flats and buildings as well as security teams on-site every day and night at most sites.

If you have questions regarding safety or want to report an incident you're aware of then our university has a dedicated Police Liaison Officer. PC Mark Fox's contact information can be found below.

Our Security team have put together a guide with their top tips for staying safe on and off campus, so be sure to check those out and even print the PDF for your children for them to take with them when they move into student accommodation.

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Safety tips

 The Security team have put together a guide with their top tips for staying safe on and off campus.

Safety & Security Guide PDF
Mark Fox WYP

Police Liaison Officer

PC Mark Fox is the universities Police Liaison Officer. Mark is available to offer advice on any issues related to student safety or reporting an incident.

Homesickness is a natural feeling that many students experience so don't be surprised if you get a few visits early on in the year. 

To help your son or daughter get settled, our Residence Life team is available to give advice, mediate, deal with emergencies or just offer time for a friendly chat. You can find more info about their role and how your son or daughter can contact them here.

Our university also offers a range of wellbeing services, which are free and confidential. They are aimed at providing students with information, practical and therapeutic support to help them manage any difficulties they are experiencing.

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Even the most independent students like to know you're thinking of them.

Letters or care packages are a nice way of doing it which you can send directly to them at their halls. Just label the mail clearly with their name, building and flat number.

It's normal for students to get caught up in their new, exciting lifestyle, but if you're worried then you can contact the Residence Life team to just ask them to check in.

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Protect Their deposit

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You can encourage your son or daughter to fill out an arrival inspection form as soon as they get into the flat. This records the condition of the flat so any issues can get fixed. The site team will know how they found it and don't charge for any existing damage. This form should be handed in to reception within 48 hours.

Information for Guarantors


In most cases, you'll be asked to be a guarantor for your son or daughter's rent payments. They will be sent their contract by email and will then be asked to provide some contact details for you and we will be in touch to confirm that you're happy to be their guarantor.

Addresses and emergency numbers

Jacob Street, Leeds, LS2 8BR

Reception 0113 887 0140 (opening hours: 09:00 to 17:00)

Woodhouse Ln, Leeds, LS2 9PD

Reception 0113 246 9401 (opening hours: 09:00 to 17:00)

Headingley Campus, Leeds, LS6 3GZ

Reception - 0113 278 1392

Office - 0113 278 1401

24 hour security mobile - 07525 906 680

19 Marlborough St, Leeds LS1 4LA

1-3 Burley Road, Leeds, LS3 1LN

Reception - 020 3595 3284

24 hour security mobile - 07704 751 038

1 Mill Street, Leeds, LS9 8NA

Unipol Office - 0113 243 0169 (opening hours: 09:00 to 17:00)

Unipol out of hours number - 0113 244 3799

Clay Pit Lane, Leeds, LS2 8AR

Reception – 0113 244 5297 (opening hours: 09:00 to 17:00)