International Applicants

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Staying in university accommodation

You can stay in any of the university's halls during your studies. They're a great place to meet new people. Most halls have en-suite bathrooms available and are shared between 2-6 students. All your bills are included in the rent and with 24-hour security you can feel safe in your new home. 

Useful information for international applicantsĀ 

If you will still be 17 years of age when you arrive, then you are very welcome to live in university accommodation.

We will try and put you in a flat with other students of a similar age though you might still share a kitchen or living space with students over 18. The Residence Life team will check in on you regularly to make sure your parents know you're doing okay, as they are still responsible for your welfare.

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Maybe you want to stay with other international students and are wondering if that's possible?

Yes, when you book you can say that you would like to live in a flat with other international students. When you choose your room you can see who is already booked into a flat and pick one with others who would also like to live with international students.
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You are more than welcome to live in private accommodation during your time at Leeds Beckett.

If you want to move into a house with a smaller group of people then contact Unipol Student Homes. Unipol is a charity that helps students to find good quality homes while studying in Leeds.

You can also get advice on Private Tenancy Agreements, including checking your agreement before you sign from LBSI Advice Service.

To book accommodation through Unipol visit their website.

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Get bedding and kitchen supplies sent to your hall.

So you don't need to worry about picking up bedroom, kitchen and bathroom items, you can get them delivered straight to halls before you arrive. Uni Kit Out offer Student Package starter kits helping make moving in to your new accommodation as easy as possible. You can also get 10% off by using the code BECK10 at the checkout! 

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