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Health and Social Care Practice Learning Team

The Health and Social Care Practice Learning Team manages professional placement opportunities for courses within the School of Clinical and Applied Sciences, School of Health and Community Studies and the School of Social Sciences.

Plus Icon About the Health and Social Care Practice Learning Team
Working in partnerships with other HEIs, Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber and Care Commissioning Groups (CCGs), public health, social care and private, voluntary and independent organisations we aim to foster best practice in placement learning.

We provide clear and effective processes to support practice learning and to manage the quality of the student experience and source and allocate up to 3500 placements annually. We also provide support and guidance for our academic groups who are developing placement partnerships with new and emerging employers, in order to maximise the learning opportunities across a range of professions. We also provide training across all professions for mentors and practice educators to enable them to provide effective support for our students in practice.

The Team has an academic Director of Practice Learning, Catherine Coates and the placement support services team is as below:

  • Laura Harding, Practice Learning Team Leader
  • Vanessa Amis, Senior Officer
  • Jen Covey, Practice Learning Coordinator
  • Clare Edwards, Practice Learning Administrative Officer
  • Emma Bates, Practice Liaison Officer
  • Fazana Boston, Practice Learning Administrator
  • Manda Lister, Practice Learning Administrator
  • Vicky Webster, Practice Learning Administrator
  • Megan Wright, Practice Learning Administrator

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Opening Hours

  • Monday to Thursday 8:30am - 5pm
  • Friday 8:30am - 4pm

Contact Us

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Laura Harding
Practice Learning Team Leader
Telephone: 0113 812 5649

Vanessa Amis 
Senior Officer
Telephone: 0113 812 9231 

Jen Covey
Practice Learning Coordinator
Telephone: 0113 812 4404

Clare Edwards 
Practice Learning Administrative Officer
Telephone: 0113 812 9326

Emma Bates
Practice Liaison Officer
Telephone: 0113 812 6278

Fazana Boston
Practice Learning Administrator
Telephone: 0113 812 4355

Manda Lister
Practice Learning Administrator
Telephone: 0113 812 8985

Vicky Webster
Practice Learning Administrator
Telephone: 0113 812 4525

Megan Wright
Practice Learning Administrator 
Telephone: 0113 812 8593

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