Research and consultancy

Being part of Leeds Beckett University means that we have unlimited access to researchers and academics with expertise covering a variety of disciplines. Our team work with corporate clients to match the right academic expertise with research requirements in order to conduct pioneering research related to outdoors activities.

Through commissioning research, our clients to able to more closely monitor, understand and reflect on programme outcomes and reduce risk.

Our research teams

We are able to bring together cross-disciplinary research teams to suit the scope of individual projects.

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Research is beneficial to clients who need to:

  • Evaluate the feasibility of a new product or programme
  • Validate the outcomes of outdoor activities and training programmes
  • Test theories and explore the impact of outdoor activity for groups i.e. school children
  • Assess the effectiveness of an initiative or campaign
  • Test the effects of altitude through our dedicated altitude centre

PhD opportunities Available 

Our Postgraduate Researchers are supported through their access to our exceptional facilities and work collaboratively with our Academic Supervisors.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a government-funded programme to help businesses develop and gain a competitive advantage with the help of UK universities.