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Leeds School of Social Sciences

We're a dynamic academic community where students work alongside staff to engage with diverse voices, changing lives in the process.

Understand people. Change society.

You can't make lasting, positive change without understanding how people think. Leeds School of Social Sciences aims to explore how we behave and interact. We engage with diverse voices through learning and research, and uncover solutions that change people's lives for the better.

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04 Aug 2022

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11 Jul 2022

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07 Jun 2022

A dynamic academic community

Image of 3 students wearing face coverings and sitting socially distance in the  cold case unit having a discussion.

Cold Case unit

Working collaboratively with law enforcement agencies and other educational institutions to find missing people.

Why social sciences matter | Professor John Craig

Dr Olayinka Ajala

We challenge | Why climate change is causing conflict in Africa

Why social sciences are vital to the health economy | Dr Jolanta Shields

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What does it mean to be a social scientist? At Leeds School of Social Sciences, you'll join a community of students, lecturers and academics who are committed to improving lives, and tackling difficult questions.

You'll be supported along with the way by staff and our pastoral care team, and emerge with the critical and creative skills needed to do vital work.

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