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Services for Business

Services for Business

We help entrepreneurs and business leaders bring their ideas to life and provide access to knowledge, facilities and funding to develop thriving sustainable businesses.

We can also support the growth of your business through strategy development, access to research and consultancy expertise, learning and development programmes, student talent and innovation networks.

Services for Business

Plus Icon Unique masterclasses for entrepreneurs and business leaders

Designed to develop sustainable models, our unique masterclasses help test the viability and value of your ideas, providing a sound foundation for business success.

Offering a unique blend of theory and practice, our masterclasses provide insights into relevant tools and techniques informed by leading business research, as well as the opportunity to develop an action plan for implementation in the workplace.

Masterclass Overview

Turning your idea into a real business proposition

  • Start with a blank sheet of paper and end with an outline forward plan and strategy
  • Understand your business passions and motivations
  • Design a value proposition that is customer focused and customer driven
  • Design and build a business model around your target customer
  • Develop a revenue model
  • Validate your model and assess its chances of success

Practical Business Planning

  • Develop a strategy for your business and create a business plan with realistic goals building continuity and sustainability into your business
  • Assess your business’ capabilities, products and services
  • Understand how to construct financial projections and manage costing based on your strategy
  • Analyse your industry and competitors and develop market intelligence to gain the confidence to help you to diversify into new customers, products or services

Becoming an Effective Leader

  • Understand your role as a leader within your business
  • Engage and motivate others to achieve your business goals and objectives
  • Prioritise your time and energy in order to be a more effective leader
  • Improve your communication skills in the workplace
  • Build your skills to develop and mentor others

The Art of Selling

  • Identify your customer’s real needs
  • Develop a great sales pitch that you can implement into your business to boost your overall sales performance
  • Create a structured approach to the sales process, understanding the ‘how to’ as well as the ‘what to do’ when it comes to sales activities
  • Introducing negotiation principles and closing a sale
  • Take part in interactive and practical activities to help boost your confidence and belief in your sales ability

Marketing for business success

  • Identify who is the best customer for your business
  • Become known by your customers
  • Understand the key differences between Business to Business Markets (b2b) and Business to Consumer markets (b2c)
  • Learn how to identify your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses and recognise areas of opportunity and threat
  • Gain knowledge on how to build and promote your brand, using traditional and social media to promote your business

Scaling-up your business

  • Attract and keep the right people as you grow
  • Understand how to build and retain the business culture you want
  • Clearly define operational processes that are designed for growth
  • Prepare for the storms that lay ahead
  • Develop partnerships to enable growth

Improving productivity and performance

  • Understand what productivity means to you
  • Assess your strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Identify areas with the greatest potential to how to increase productivity
  • Decide on the most suitable tools and techniques to use
  • Set goals and establish a plan for change

Futures and Foresight

  • Understand the key features of futures and foresight
  • Set your business vision for the future
  • Identify key factors influencing the development of your business
  • Identify possibilities and future scenarios
  • Test the scenarios with like-minded people
  • Use the results to affect the development of your business

If you would like to know more please contact our Leeds Business School Enterprise team.

Plus Icon Professional development, coaching and mentoring

If you’re looking to develop the skills of your workforce or to advance your own professional development, we offer a range of leadership and development programmes designed to turn managers into leaders and help improve the performance and productivity of your business.

With more than 25 years of experience of coaching and mentoring leaders and developing personal and organisational capability, we offer a range of business coaching and mentoring services to:

  • enable entrepreneurs and business leaders develop their vision, explore and plan for new business opportunities
  • facilitate collaborative research and consultancy to build strategic impact and support change
  • develop your workforce talent and achieve sustained business success

Discover more through our Leadership Centre.

Plus Icon Research and consultancy

We offer research and consultancy services to support the development of your business, including access to:

  • a wealth of knowledge and expertise through our research centre, SuBRI, dedicated to supporting sustainable business
  • our Retail Institute which is at the forefront of innovation in the sector
  • collaborative research and consultancy to build sustainable, productive enterprises
  • a range of resources and funding to promote innovation in the workplace
Plus Icon Degree and Higher Apprenticeships

Developed in partnership with employers and professional bodies looking to build the next generation of business leaders, we offer:

Plus Icon Access to our student talent

Each year we partner hundreds of students from across our business and management courses with industry clients to deliver consultancy projects.

Consultancy projects are an excellent opportunity for you to use student talent and gain fresh input and insights to inform the development of your business. Our undergraduate consultancy projects run from October to April and postgraduate projects run from January to September and October to May.

Our students will:

  • work with your business to identify an issue to be explored
  • critically evaluate a range of solutions
  • present you a report containing practical recommendations

Discover more about how student consultancy projects can benefit your business by emailing our Leeds Business School Enterprise team.

If you are recruiting for a graduate, placement or part-time position, please contact Our Business Engagement Team who can help access the best student and graduate talent to meet your business needs.

Plus Icon Knowledge exchange and networking events

We support and develop a broad range of knowledge-based interactions between universities and the public, private and third sectors of the economy. Activities include:

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