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Need information or help regarding our university accommodation?

You can find detailed accommodation FAQs relevant to current students below.

Alternatively, please visit the Accommodation Website, or contact a member of the Accommodation Team, who will be happy to help with any issues you may have.
Plus Icon How do I apply for university accommodation?

Leeds Beckett are able to offer a guarantee of student accommodation in the city to all applicants who make us their Firm choice institution. As soon as you select Leeds Beckett, you will be eligible to book your student accommodation through our helpful accommodation office 

The online booking system opens in February. You can only apply if Leeds Beckett University is your first choice and you have accepted either a conditional or unconditional offer for the university. Book your accommodation online via the accommodation website. Click on 'Book Now' and it will take you through to the booking system.

Plus Icon Can I already apply for accommodation with my conditional offer?

You can apply if you have made Leeds Beckett your firm choice. Your tenancy agreement will not be sent to you until your offer becomes unconditional.

Plus Icon What student accommodation is available is Leeds?

Leeds Beckett has over 4,500 bedrooms available in a wide range of accommodation. For further details, pictures and videos, visit the accommodation website.

Plus Icon What facilities are available in university accommodation?

Each residence is different but you will have your own study bedroom and then share the kitchen and living are with other students (unless you book a studio flat). To see more, please check our accommodation website.

Plus Icon Where are the Leeds Beckett Halls of Residence?

The Halls of Residence are in various locations across Leeds. Visit the accommodation website to see more information about where halls are located in relation to the campuses, and other halls of residence.

Below are the full addresses for each Hall of Residence:

Arena Village
Jacob Street, Leeds, LS2 8BR

Broadcasting Tower
Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 9PD

Carlton Hill
Carlton Hill, Leeds, LS7 1JA

Carnegie Village
Headingley Campus, Leeds, LS6 3GZ

Kirkstall Brewery
Broad Lane, Leeds, LS5 3RX

1 Mill Street
1 Mill Street, Leeds, LS9 8NA

Marsden House
1-3 Burley Road, Leeds, LS3 1JZ

The Plaza
Clay Pit Lane, Leeds, LS2 8AR

Sugarwell Court
Meanwood Road, Leeds, LS7 2DJ

Woodhouse Flats
Blocks A-D St Mark's Street, Leeds, LS2 9EQ 

Plus Icon Which accommodation is most convenient for each campus?

For Headingley Campus we recommend:
Carnegie Village
Kirkstall Brewery
Marsden House
Sugarwell Court

For City Campus we recommend:
Broadcasting Tower
Carlton Hill
1 Mill Street
Marsden House
Arena Village
Woodhouse Flats
Sugarwell Court.

Plus Icon Are there any accommodation tours?

Accommodation tours are available on our Open Days, as well as selected dates during the year. Please check the Accommodation Website for details. 

Plus Icon How much does accommodation cost?

The costs of the Halls vary depending on the standard of accommodation and facilities. Full details of rents can be found here.

Plus Icon When will I get my deposit back?

Deposits are returned to all students after keys/cards/fobs have been returned and the final room inspection has taken place. The University aims to return your deposit to you within 28 days of the end of the tenancy but sometimes this process can take longer. Please click here for tenancy dates.

Plus Icon What are the terms and conditions of the accommodation fee/ deposit?

The £200 bond is used to secure your booking of accommodation. It is fully refundable if you cancel your booking before the tenancy begins.

The bond becomes a damage deposit once you move in and will be returned within 28 days of the end of tenancy. Any costs associated with any damages that occur during the tenancy will be deducted from the bond prior to it being returned. 

Plus Icon How do I pay my university accommodation?

Rent payments can be paid in two ways:

  1. Direct Debit in three instalments, click here to view the proposed rent instalments per academic year.
    To set up a direct debit, please complete and return the direct debit form which you will receive with your tenancy contract.
  2. Payment in full to our Cashier's Office.
    To pay rent in full, please contact our Cashier's Office on 0113 812 3832

You will not be able to collect your accommodation keys/move into your accommodation until either one of the above payment options has been completed. This must be completed before the tenancy start date.
If at any point throughout your tenancy you have queries or concerns about your rent payments or direct debit then please contact our Finance Department.

Finance Department
Queen Square House 202
City Campus
Tel: +44 (0)113 812 5953 

Plus Icon When do I have to make my rental payments for my accommodation?

2017/18 rent payments are due on the following dates:

Arena Village - 6 Oct 2017 / 12 Jan 2018 / 13 April 2018

Broadcasting Tower - 9 Oct 2017 / 17 Jan 2018 / 11 April 2018

Carlton Hill - 16 Sept 2017 / 12 Jan 2018 / 16 April 2018

Carnegie Village - 6 Oct 2017 / 12 Jan 2018 / 13 April 2018

Concept Place - 9 Oct 2017 / 17 Jan 2018 / 11 April 2018

Kirkstall Brewery - 6 Oct 2017 / 12 Jan 2018 / 13 April 2018

1 Mill Street - 16 Sept 2017 / 12 Jan 2018 / 16 April 2018

Marsden House - 6 Oct 2017 / 12 Jan 2018 / 13 April 2018

Sugarwell Court - 6 Oct 2017 / 12 Jan 2018 / 13 April 2018

The Plaza - 9 Sept 2017 / 12 Jan 2018 / 13 April 2018

Woodhouse Flats - 6 Oct 2017 / 12 Jan 2018 / 13 April 2018

For more details including instalment amounts and payment dates for 2017/18 please click here.

Plus Icon What happens if I don't pay my rent?

If your rent payment is late you may face one or more of the following consequences:

  • The University may charge you interest
  • The University may sue you for the rent and interest.
  • The University may terminate your tenancy agreement on the grounds of non-payment.
If you do not pay your rent, or are going to be late in making a payment we would encourage you to get in contact with our Financial Services department to discuss your individual circumstances.

Financial Services
Portland Building 311
City Campus
Leeds, LS1 3HE
Tel: +44(0) 113 812 5953 

If you are having financial troubles please contact the Student Money Advice Team for more information.

Plus Icon What advice does the University offer about finding a house in the private sector?

Leeds Beckett University, Unipol Student Homes and Leeds Beckett Students' Union all work in partnership to run an annual House Hunting campaign in November. The campaign offers advice on the key house hunting messages and aims to empower students to make wiser house hunting choices. The campaign provides publications, tabloids, and general advice on house hunting and has proved a success in helping students find better living situations within the private sector. If you are thinking of looking for a property in the private sector, then please keep these following key messages in mind when beginning your search.

Don't Rush or Panic.
There is a surplus of bed spaces in the Leeds private sector (+5,000) and any house hunting that you do before the official start date is likely to include you being shown properties left over from this year. To really get the best choice you need to wait until all the best providers release their lists. Don't worry if you are not back until the start of February as there is so much choice and you won't be disadvantaged.

Do your Research. Although we advise that you don't officially start looking for a house until after the house hunting start date, we do encourage you to start scouting out the various student populated areas of Leeds - Headingley, Woodhouse, Hyde Park etc. This is so by the time January arrives, you will already have a good idea of which area you may want to live. Pick up a copy of the November tabloid to get a good introduction to the different areas available.

Remember the Unipol Code. We advise that you only search for properties that are accredited by the Unipol Code. The Unipol Code means that your landlord and property has to meet specific standards that often go beyond legislative requirements, thus giving you peace of mind and confidence in your choice. There is even a complaints procedure in place should you run in to any problems.

Live with people you get along with. May be obvious right? Realistically, you have probably only known your potential housemates for a couple of months. Be sure they are the best fit for you. Remember, a year is a long time to live with someone you don't get along with! People you like to party with might not be the best people to live with all the time.

Get your Contract Checked! Before signing for a house, get your contract checked. Under the Unipol Code, landlords must give you 24 hours to take the contract away and get it checked, if you request it. We recommend using the Student Union Advice Service which offers a free contract checking service.

Deposit Protection Scheme. When signing for your property, you should ask your landlord which deposit protection scheme he/she will be using and ask for information on the scheme. Landlords are legally required to place your deposit with a Government authorised scheme, which will safeguard the money and offer independent adjudication in the event of any dispute.

There is a lot of support dedicated to helping students find suitable accommodation in the private sector, so take advantage! Contact your Student Union Advice Service, Residences Team or Unipol for further advice on house hunting.

Plus Icon What do I do if there are problems with my private accommodation?

The Student Union Advice Service can help with accommodation problems. 

Plus Icon Can I return to University accommodation after the first year?

Enjoyed your time in Leeds Beckett Accommodation? Halls are not just for freshers, with more and more students choosing to return beyond their first year. Great reasons to live in halls include:

  • No joint tenancy agreement so you’re only responsible for your own rent
  • No bills to pay – heating, water and internet are all included
  • Make new friends or live with old ones – it’s up to you

 Booking for current students will open for 2015/16 on 2 February 2015. For further information please contact the Accommodation Office.

Tel: +44 (0)113 812 5972
Email: accommodation@leedsbeckett.ac.uk
Website: www.leedsbeckett.ac.uk/accommodation

Plus Icon What do I do if I want to move rooms within University accommodation?

We recommend you discuss your circumstances and reasons for a move request with your Residential Officers on site in the first instance. They will then make a referral on your behalf to the accommodation office. Move requests are assessed and granted based on availability and priority.

Plus Icon I have changed my course and I am now studying at a different campus - can I change my accommodation?

You can amend your residence depending on availability.

Please check by contacting the Accommodation Office on 0113 812 5972 or emailing accommodation@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

Plus Icon Can I leave University accommodation early?

For more details on our cancellation policy please click here.

Plus Icon How can I contact the accommodation office

Accommodation Office, Queen Square House, G21, City Campus, LS1 3HE
Tel: +44 (0)113 812 5972
Email: accommodation@leedsbeckett.ac.uk
Website: www.leedsbeckett.ac.uk/accommodation

Plus Icon Do I need a TV licence in halls?

You need to be covered by a TV Licence to watch or record live TV programmes on any channel, or download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer. This could be on any device, including a TV, desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, games console, digital box or DVD/VHS recorder. If you do any of the above without a valid licence, you risk prosecution and a maximum penalty of up to £1,000, plus any legal costs and/or compensation you may be ordered to pay. You will also still have to buy a TV Licence if you need one. To find out more, go to www.tvlicensing.co.uk/studentinfo.

How can I buy a TV Licence?
There are lots of different ways to buy a TV Licence. Whether that’s through weekly cash payments, using your nearest PayPoint outlet, spreading the cost with monthly, quarterly or yearly direct debit, credit/debit card or by post – just choose the one that suits you best. For more information on the ways to pay, go to www.tvlicensing.co.uk/payinfo.

If I live in halls, won’t I already be covered by a TV Licence?
Your room needs to be covered by its own licence if you're plugged in to watch or record programmes as they're being shown on TV or live on an online TV service, or if you download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer. If there are TVs in communal areas, check with your halls' manager to see if they’re covered by a halls' licence.

What if I live in a shared house?
You'll probably only need one licence between you if you have a joint tenancy agreement for the whole house – this is the most common type of shared house arrangement. You might need your own licence if your accommodation is self-contained. That means you have exclusive access to washing facilities, or your own entrance to the property. You will also need your own licence if you have a separate tenancy agreement for your own room. If you're not sure, check our advice for tenants and lodgers.

Won't my parents' licence cover me?
Your parents' licence will not cover you while you're away at uni unless you only use a device that's powered solely by its own internal batteries and not connected to the mains.

What if I'm not at uni for the summer?
If you're leaving your halls or rented accommodation and moving back home for the summer, there's a good chance you won't need your TV Licence if there's one at home. You can see our policy and apply for a refund online.

What if I don’t need a licence?
If you don’t need a TV Licence, we would ask you to let TV Licensing know so that they can update their details. They won’t then send you any letters for approximately two years.

Plus Icon What support does the Residential Team provide?

Residential Officers are based at selected University Halls of Residence and are able to solve many areas of concern that you may have about your accommodation or University life. They will give advice, mediate, deal with emergencies or even just take the time for a chat. They have all been involved in University life in some shape or form and understand the wide variety of issues faced by students. Visit your on-site Residential Team during office hours or get in touch by email.

Plus Icon What are the opening times and contact details for the Residential Team?

Residential Team Office Opening Times

  • Carnegie Village
    Location: Swale Reception
    Opening hours: Wednesday and Thursday 17:30 - 21:30
    RO contact details: Thomas Lyon 
  • Kirkstall Brewery
    Location: The Tower Reception
    Opening Hours: Monday and Tuesday 15:30 - 21:00, Wednesday and Thursday 18:00 - 21:00
    RO Contact Details: Thomas LyonDeklon BrownNorman Chan
  • Marsden House & Leeds Student Village
    Location: Marsden House Communal Area & Leeds Student Village Reception
    Opening Hours: Monday - Wednesday 17:00 - 21:00, Thursday 17:00 - 20:00
    RO Contact Details: Valentina PintonAmy Van BoolenJohn KennedyEloise Simpson
  • Sugarwell Court
    Location: Bishopdale Ground Floor
    Opening hours: Monday 18:00 - 21:00 
    RO contact details: Norman Chan
  • Woodhouse Flats
    Location: Block C, Ground Floor
    Opening hours: Tuesday 17:30 - 20:30
    RO contact details: Norman Chan

Follow your ROs on Facebook: Valentina PintonAmy Van BoolenJohn Kennedy, Norman Chan, Tom Lyon, Deklon Brown

Alternatively, the University has a Student Wellbeing Service which incorporates counselling, chaplaincy and childcare:

Tel: 0113 812 5974
Email: studentwellbeing@leedsbeckett.ac.uk
Web: Student Wellbeing Team

Plus Icon I have a maintenance issue - what should I do?
We have different maintenance procedures at our accommodation sites.

At Marsden House and Leeds Student Village, please report any maintenance issues to your reception as soon as possible by completing a maintenance request form or by using the online maintenance system (you must have collected your unique code from reception in order to log maintenance online). Please put as much detail as possible in your maintenance request as this helps the team respond to your problem more effectively. Repair and maintenance requests are graded according to their priority and therefore the more information you give on the form, the more accurately we can prioritise your request.

If you are resident at any UPP sites other than Woodhouse Flats, you should visit the reception desk to report the problem. You will then be given a maintenance note stating when you should expect someone to come and fix your maintenance issue. If you are resident at Woodhouse flats please fill out your issue onto a job ticket provided in each stairwell and post it in your stairwell block post box. These post boxes are checked at regular intervals. If your job is extremely urgent you can contact Sugarwell Court on 0113 262 5835.


Plus Icon How do I make a complaint regarding University accommodation?

If you have a complaint about issue relating to Pastoral Care and Welfare, please contact the Residential Officer Team on site. If you feel your issues are unresolved following this, then please write to:

Accommodation and Residential Services Manager
Address: City Campus, Leslie Silver Building G30, Leeds LS1 3HB

If you have a complaint about the facilities management of our accommodation, please write in the first instance to the Halls Manager at your particular site.

Halls Management:

Marsden House (formerly Prodigy House)

Address: Prodigy House Halls Manager, Prodigy House Reception, 1-3 Burley Road, Leeds LS3 1JZ
Email: leedscitymgr@prodigyhouse.co.uk

Leeds Student Village (formerly Opal 2)

Address: Leeds Student Village Halls Manager, Leeds Student Village Reception, 5 Burley Road, Leeds LS3 1LN
Email: leedscitymgr@prodigyhouse.co.uk

Kirkstall Brewery, Sugarwell Court, Woodhouse Flats, and Carnegie Village

Address: UPP Halls Manager, Kirkstall Brewery Reception, Broad Lane, Leeds LS5 3EE
Email: feedbackleedsmet@upp-ltd.com

1 Mill Street, Carlton Hill, Royal Park Flats

Address: Unipol Student Homes, 155/157 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2 3ED
Email: info@unipol.leeds.ac.uk

Plus Icon Where can I find my Halls Facebook page?

We have an Accommodation Twitter Account, Pinterest Board and each hall has their own Facebook Page to keep you updated with all the latest news and activities. For more information click here.

Plus Icon How do I find out what is going on around my Hall?

For all the latest information like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for up to date information about events. To find out more about our social media pages please click here.

Plus Icon How do I book an event at The Vault?

Located at the converted Kirkstall Brewery residence, a leafy location with views of the Leeds-Liverpool canal, The Vault combines three meeting spaces including The Snug, The Clubhouse and a large but cosy lounge area equipped with a fully licensed bar and kitchen, snooker table and table football.

To book an event at The Vault you need to download a booking form from the accommodation website, fill it in and return it to Stuart at 86889@compass-group.co.uk.

This page was last modified: 30/07/2019

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