mybeckett | Step by step guides for staff

MyBeckett is our University Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and Portal powered by Blackboard. It allows staff and students to access a range of systems, services, module teaching materials, online assessments and feedback tools. 

MyBeckett is customised by the Digital Learning Service, based on student and staff feedback. Students and staff see relevant, personalised content when they log in. Please note that Distance Learning and Franchise Partner students have their own personalised portal view.

Support, training and guides

Our team offer staff support and advice using the systems, our contact details are available on each guide and on our About us page. Our staff customised guides show you easy, recommended ways to harness MyBeckett functionality for the benefit of your students.

Keep up to date - visit our What's new, what's changed page - it contains past newsletters, updates, workarounds and troubleshooting tips.

Staff training sessions and self-directed learning modules:

Staff guides for the digital tools managed by our team and integrated in MyBeckett:

Signpost your students with issues in using MyBeckett and anything IT related to the Library and Student IT Advice team, available 24/7  

Basics, navigation and content creation

Improving accessibility with Ally and other tools

Previous guidelines for ‘accessible design’ are now enshrined in law, with the provider organisation responsible for meeting them. JISC's practical guide to the legislation and the standards behind them. The link will open in a new window.

Communication and collaboration

Module management and student engagement

  1. Retention Centre (check students' engagement)
  2. Review the status of content items (Student Tracker Tool)
  3. Module Reports
  4. Performance Dashboard

Online assessment and feedback